Sunday, January 5, 2014


With all the big movies coming next year (Star Wars, The Avengers, Batman/Superman among many others) I feel like I should take 2014 off from collecting just to save up for 2015.

That will of course not be the case.

I will start the list off with not a property/license name but the name of a company.  Funko.

With the new POP! releases, ReAction figures, Marvel & new Disney blind packed figures and other surprises in store, I'll be giving them a large chunk of my discretionary funds in 2014

The other half of my funds are going to be headed to the Lego office in Denmark.  The Simpsons are getting Lego sets.

I will continue to pick up random vintage stuff as I come across it.  I saw a nice Captain Power ship MIB in the window of a local antique shop, I've always wanted some Captain Power stuff.  Also always looking for Sky Commander and other misc. 80's properties.

A new Godzilla movie this year.  I hope we see some fun figures on the pegs of our local Targets and Wal-Marts.

Michael Bay is at it twice this year, Transformers 4 and his take on TMNT open this year.  So there's that.

Finally on the movie front, I'd def take a look at BoxTrolls figures.

I will continue to pick up Star Wars Black series figures when I can, depending on the condition of my wallet.  Do the new Rebels animated series figures hit this year?  Those may be worth a look too.

Of course there will be lots of misc finds and unexpected treasures, who know what will follow me home in 2014.

I know I'm forgetting stuff.  So, what else?  What's everyone have on their wishlist this year?


  1. The Lego Simpsons house is kinda cool!

  2. I want this set sooo bad! I wonder how much it will be?

    1. Other sets of this size run between $150 & $200

  3. I was just at my local Target and practically everything in the action figure aisle was on clearance...that means a new reset and new toys aren't far behind!

    I usually don't buy movie based toys, but I am looking forward to the new Amazing Spider-Man comic themed Marvel Legends.

    1. My local Targets are decimated. Wonder when the new stuff will start to surface?

  4. That Simpsons house... If that doesn't make it to the UK I won't be best pleased!

    And also, here's me thinking Michael Bay abandoned that TMNT thing. Huh. Looking forward to Godzilla though.

  5. I'm excited for The LEGO Movie and I'll be snagging blind bag LEGO minifigures from series 12, which are all figures from the movie! Of course, I love The Simpsons and LEGO, so I'm looking forward to that. It's going to be a great year for LEGO!