Sunday, December 29, 2013

Secret Santa Score!

My Secret Santa at work did an outstanding job this year.

Each year there's a sign up sheet with space for some suggestions posted, just in case you need a little help.

I threw caution to the wind and wrote "Surprise Me" on my lines

This year a like minded friend had drawn my name and he made sure I did not regret my suggestion.  Along with a frosty 6-pack of a delicious winter brew, he also gave me the 1966 Batman & Robin Classics two-pack from Mattel.

He knew I had recently picked up the Joker from this line, this was a brilliant move.

I've had the set under the tree until today.

I had to break 'em outta the box and mount the building facade to the wall.  I know this won't be a permanent situation and gravity will catch up with me, but it looks pretty cool for now.

The new figures gave me an excuse to dust off some shelves and reorganize a portion of my Bat-Collection a bit.