Monday, September 9, 2013

A glimmer of hope on this crappy Monday

Today has been such a Monday.  Nothing major or life ending, just one lousy thing after another adding up to a very blech kinda day.

Then, while idly surfing the web I stumbled upon Burger Kings kids meal page.

At the bottom, below the Care Bears and Beyblade I saw this . . .

Dare I dream that we are getting another run of Simpsons Treehouse of Horror toys from Burger King?

Simpsons Halloween Burger King toys are some of my favorite fast food premiums ever.

Today is starting to look up.


  1. I just sold my lot found here in Mexico. Wish I could sell my 6 DVD season sets too. For some reason the Simpsons have never appealed to me.

  2. Should be cool to see what they have planned this year.