Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spring Summer absence

Hey gang!  I haven't posted in a long time.  Work is busy this time of year and my girlfriend and I have been doing everything in our power not to waste a minute of the beautiful WNY spring and summer.

Among the fun that's kept me from blogging, a day of orienteering, a kayaking tour on the Buffalo River, Primus concert, a bike ride along the Niagara, Watkins Glen hike, drank our way via ferry through the Lake Erie pub crawl, learned Tai Chi, walked over the Rainbow Bridge into Canada and back, and attended Clevelands first Vegfest.

While in Ohio for Vegfest, my girlfriend scored this adorable couple.  These two are destined to get into lots of trouble together. Sometime soon I'll take them on some photo adventures.

I was going to do an entire week of posts to countdown to Monsters University. Best laid plans . . .

I haven't caught the movie yet, but look forward to the Crystal/Goodman re-pairing.  Maybe after I see it I'll be inspired to do more with these guys.

On our journeys we discovered that crane machines had been invaded by plush tiki!  I love tiki.  This guy is one of four who now live with us, two still elude the claw.

I caught Star Trek and am still on the lookout for the Enterprise Kre-O.  We saw GI Joe and Superman and dug them both.  I had no problem scoring a few pieces of merchandise from those films to add to the pile of randomness.  So, maybe stuff will make it's way on here too.

I'll get back to posting eventually.  Comic Con always gets my nerd up and if that doesn't motivate me, the back to school sales in late June remind me that in August we'll start to see the first signs of Halloween creep out.