Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Captain Bullseye

Every year I take the Monday morning after the St. Patrick's day parade off from work so that I can rest up a bit.  This year I woke up feeling a bit antsy so I headed over to my local Target to see what was new.

Not a lot going on, all the Iron Man 3 stuff, nothing new, nothing to open my wallet about.  While browsing the clearance housewares stuff, I saw this tossed on the bottom shelf haphazardly.  

Target always has cool gift cards.  For a couple of years I gave my brother the Target Bullseye Lego sets for Christmas. I've seen foam fingers and pinball machines, this is the first time I've come across this one.

An entire model, as a gift card!  I love advertising stuff and this struck me as a fun thing to take my mind off the hangover on a grey Monday afternoon.  I took it to the register with my bananas fully expecting to pay a premium above my load amount and was surprised there was none.  This guy was free when you added value to the gift card.  Cool!

I tore this gem open and was greeted with two trays of parts, red and white.

It took a bit of time to get all the parts freed from their frames.  I was afraid I'd break something where it shouldn't be broken.  More pieces than I expected, maybe this should have waited until I felt better. I pushed on and with a little patience I got 'em all ready to go.  

Instructions are printed on a fold out flap in the back, everything snapped into place securely.  This is way nicer than I expected for what is essentially a free premium.

Bullseye is no Snoopy, but he still looks ready to take on the Red Baron. 


This piece with the sun and clouds is the actual gift card, it sits nicely in its groove completing the model.

I'm left wondering, are there folks that collect these novelty Target gift cards?  When did they start making such involved pieces?  I'm too lazy to google it now, anyone know more or of any Target gift card enthusiasts?


  1. Wow - that's beautiful! Nice pick up - and thanks for the heads up! I'm sure there must be people who collect these cards. I remember reading about folks who collected AOL promo discs (you know, 10 free hours, back in the 90s). There's an obsessive for every oddity :)