Monday, February 25, 2013

Ultimate Spider-Man Choco Surprise

While wandering around Target last night I came across these guys in the Easter section.  At the reasonable price of only $1, figured it wouldn't hurt to give 'em a go and grabbed three.

I have long been jealous of countries that enjoy having Kinder Eggs available and always grab a few whenever I'm north of the border.  The idea of a toy hiding in candy always appealed to me.  Nestle tried to bring the concept to the states about a decade ago with Magic Balls, they didn't make it.

So now we have these things based on the current Spidey cartoon.

I haven't seen much of this "Ultimate Spider-Man" incarnation and haven't liked what I've seen.  Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends will always be my web slinger cartoon of choice.  Of course that didn't stop me from plunking down three bucks for these guys.

I really like the Spidey face design on the box and egg.

One half of the chocolate is really stuck on the egg.

Out of the three, one was a double so I only got these two different figures.  Disappointed I didn't get a Spider-Man, maybe next time.  For only a dollar, I'll probably grab a few more.

The figure is more substantial than I expected.  Much nicer than Zerboz (formerly Heroics) figures at the same price.
Heroics Spidey (right)    Choco-Surprise Nova (left)
When do you think we'll reach Marvel mini figure saturation point?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Iron Man 3 Micro Muggs

I tossed three of these in the cart the other day while picking up a few provisions at Target.  I haven't been a huge Muggs collector, but I had to grab a few to see what they're all about.

I'm burned out on Iron Man action figures, so I won't be grabbing a ton of the new Iron Man 3 stuff. These though, I may pick up here and there, they're kinda fun.

I got these three on my first pull.

I'm not excited about the army man style stand on the feet, wish they didn't have it, that's my only gripe, beyond that, these aren't too shabby.

When lined up with a regular sized Mighty Mugg and a recent Avengers Mini Mugg you can see these are pretty small.

For the price, I dig 'em, maybe we'll see Thor get the same treatment later this year.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Star Wars Angry Birds

I've been eyeing the Star Wars Angry Birds Early Bird set for awhile.  Didn't feel the few figures justified the original price.  On clearance at Target though, it's a good deal. I initially thought it was a bit esoteric for a line being marked to the younger kids.  Thinking about it, that may be what landed it the discount price. Regardless, I really dig the homage to the original Early Bird package and am happy to have it.

Despite my pledge to cut down on blind bags this year, I also picked up a few to pad my bird collection and scored a few fun figures.

I won't be spending too much more time or money on this. It's fun and at the right clearance price may grab another set on a lark.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I cannot imagine a scenario where this is OK.