Friday, January 4, 2013


I have been tempted before, but have done my best to stay away from these.  They seem to be available in every property imaginable.   Pixar, Marvel, DC, Sponge Bob, Hot Wheels, etc. etc.

My will was finally broken when I saw one of my favorite licenses;  The Simpsons. They had two sets at Toys R Us and conveniently enough they were on sale buy one get one free.

Two sets, buy one get one free, I am only human.

Anyways, look at these faces and just try to leave them on the pegs.

I am super pleased with these, but this will still probably be my one and only Squinkies purchase.  Although, if there was a Futurama set  . . .


  1. I've got the Mythical Monsters set, that one's fun enough.

    But these Simpson ones are the cutest things I've ever seen!

  2. Those are surprisingly cool.