Friday, December 14, 2012

Mini Figure Fun

Here's my final post about the goodies Jboypacman sent my way, and there's still a few great items I haven't covered.

Look at this fun bunch of Lego Mini Figures.  Including the awesome clockwork robot who has been on my want list since he came out.  Great to finally add this guy to my Mini Fig collection.

Wait a minute, who's that creeping into the photo?

Poor Kre-O Optimus, left out of the mini fig party, just cause he's not a Lego.

Don't feel left out, you're robot pal here will stick by your side.

Everything so generously sent my way will be given a good home here among the randomness.  A final thank you to Jboypacman for the super awesome generous box of awesome.  Up next, my action figure nativity!