Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Cheer Courtesy of Jboypacman

Well, I am officially in the Christmas spirit.  Lego Santa safely made his journey, I had a great time at a friends Christmas party this weekend, I’m 80% done with my Christmas shopping and the tree is up.  

Two weeks from Christmas and I received an early present, actually many presents.  Last week our friend Jboypacman over at Revenge From The Cosmic Ark alerted me to a package he sent my way.  In all the craziness of Christmas shopping and holiday parties, I had forgotten all about it.  After a long Monday back to work, I was greeted at home with a package, a box of awesome.

I'm going to go through some of the goodies this week, starting with one of my favorite pieces from the haul.  Robo-Force SOTA!

I had commented on Jboys post about this guy a week or two back and my childhood love of Robo Force and I'm thrilled to have him join the ranks here among the randomness.

As is my childhood original Robo Force figure ENEMY.

"Welcome aboard"

"Zoinks! A m-m-m-monster!"
This guy is super fun. I love the little radar screen that pops out of his head.  Raising the screen makes him look scared, perhaps by a monster.  Tomorrow we'll take a look see what spooked 'ol SOTA.

Thanks again Jboy!


  1. Yeah, baby! Robo Force! These dudes are epic! And thanks again for the Lego Santa. He's a jolly little elf! :)

  2. Am glad my little package arrived safe and sound for you Ron and i hope you will enjoy everything buddy. : )

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Safe AND sound, thanks again! Merry Christmas!