Friday, December 21, 2012

Dork Horde Secret Santa Part 1

Yesterday was not a great day for me, work was busy and I had a last minute shopping meltdown in Walgreens ::sigh::

It couldn't have better a better day for my girlfriend to exclaim, "hey! you got a package" upon our arrival home.

I recognized the name from the return address and knew immediately who it was from and got very excited.

I'm not sure what the rules are for this Secret Santa or if I'm supposed to disclose their name, so I'll keep it under my hat for now.

I am not waiting until Christmas to open this baby up and was glad I didn't.  I was greeted with an array of geeky holiday goodness upon opening the box.

Let's see, a couple varieties of Christmas Peeps (nice), some light up Christmas light button things (cool), a clever Mario Bros. themed Christmas card (awesome), and a gift.  Not just any gift though, a gift wrapped in some of the coolest paper I've ever seen.

Aghhh! Universal Monsters wrapping paper.  Four of feature films most fearsome fiends making merry!  I love it.

Just look at these guys!

Dracula looking down at something, I think he's outraged Frankie stole his idea to wear a Santa Hat

Frankenstein's Monster looking festive and gay in his own hat.

The Wolfman also wears his hat well, but is clearly up to no good.  I'm reminded of when the Grinch wore a Santa suit to steal Christmas.  I'm watching you Wolfman.

Finally the Mummy, in not only a Santa Hat, but he went all out with the beard too.  A+ for effort.

I am not one to save wrapping paper.  Once I have shredded it to reveal it's secrets, into the trash it goes.  Not this time.  I will be saving as much of this as possible and adding it to the archives.

What was in this amazingly wrapped gift you ask?  See you tomorrow for the big reveal.