Monday, December 31, 2012

A look ahead

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2012, I want to make a little record of what I expect of myself collecting wise heading into the new year.

Not so much for public record, but for my own benefit.  I've found posting to this blog to be a nice reference.  It's useful to look back and see what I was excited about adding to the pile of random stuff and how I feel about it now.

Moving forward, I want to try to get away from blind bagged mini figures.  They're fun and it's exciting to see what may be lurking in that tiny box or little silvery bag, but I want to focus my limited collecting resources in other directions.

Watching Toy Hunter and reading other folks blogs has reminded me how much I love vintage stuff and I'd like to work towards filling some holes in my collection.  So I'll be on the look out for more random 80's stuff.

I'd like to try to score some nice complete vintage Star Wars figures this year.  I have no aspirations of getting a complete set, I'd just like to replace some of my favorites from childhood.  I'd also like to recreate this scene:

I recently found the parts of the play set I was missing, and now I'd like to populate it as seen on the box. 

I assume we'll see some cool new stuff to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Masters of the Universe.  I know Funko is releasing some nice looking POP! figures and Wacky Wobblers so I'll more than likely grab some of those.

Movies always spur a slew of cool new randomness.

The new GI Joe movie finally opens in a few months.  I already grabbed a new Cobra Commander, I'm sure I'll pick up a few more of those figures and things.

A new Iron Man and another Thor movie this year will see the release of some new figures, so that will happen.  Although I can't imagine I'll be buying another Iron Man, how many do you really need?

I'm looking forward to Oz: The Great And Powerful, not sure if it will spawn any worthwhile merch.

New Star Trek this year.  The Star Trek Kre-O have my attention, we'll see what else Hasbro does with the license.

Pacific Rim looks awesome, I'll be pretty bummed if I can't get my hands on the monsters and robots from that Guillermo del Toro epic

Very excited about Monsters University, so I know I'll have some more Monster lurking about this spring.

New Superman movie, meh, we'll see.

Disney is releasing their Depp heavy take on Lone Ranger. So that may make for some fun figure fodder.

Beyond movie stuff, we'll see what pops up.  

I still get all drooly over the prospect of those Super7 3¾ Alien figures, if they're not outrageously priced, I'm in. 

I thought Jakks was going to do other themes for there S.L.U.G. line. I seem to recall aliens or something else in the works.  The zombies have been fun, but I'm ready for something more.

I'm sure the news out of the various comic cons and fan celebrations will see me adding to this list.

So what's everybody looking forward to in 2013? Anything else that should be on my radar next year?

EDIT: just saw these 2013 must haves listed on a Funko fan message board:

Monsters University

Batman 66 TV Series
     Batman (adam west)
     Joker (caesar romero)
     Catwoman(julie newmar)
     Robin (burt ward)

Planet of the Apes Classic


  1. When they debuted SLUGs at Toy Fair, a lot of sites reported Jakks said there was a chance of Alien and Monster SLUGs. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

    1. I thought I remembered something like that being said. I'd like to see it.

  2. Sounds like we are almost on the same page Ron. : )

  3. Yes it looks like we are on the Star Wars page! I have 3 figures...

    1. I have a few in pretty rough shape, really want some nice complete favorites.

  4. I can tell you that the prototypes of the Planet of the Apes Funko Pops are friggin amazing! And we have some seriously cool plans in place for the Batman 1966 stuff. Not just Wobblers and Pops. You'll see. :)