Saturday, November 3, 2012

AEIOU . . . and Sometimes Why Great Pumpkin Exchange Haul

Halloween is over.  The decoration have come down.  The Jack-O-Lanterns are getting pruney and sunken.  I have been suffering a bit of post Holiday malaise the last few days.  Sure Christmas is coming, but another October is history.  Happily, I can raise my spirits and immerse myself in Halloween anytime amid the randomness.  Adding to the spookyness of my collection is the package I received from my Great Pumpkin.  He went above and beyond, I'm really digging the goodies packed within.

I won't be able to do justice to all the Halloween fun that was packed within, but here are a few of the more notable inclusions.

Zombie Fluxx card game.  At first I was not that interested in Zombie Fluxx, I had never heard of original Fluxx and was a bit hesitant to give it a go.  Kelsey and I sat down to figure it out and despite my initial hesitance, we really started to get into it.  We've played a few games and will definitely add it to our game rotation.  

This random tiny Zombie soldier dude is super small, but highly detailed.

Some odd little guys.

These trees are from Kinder eggs.  They are good fun cartoony spooky.  Man, I wish we could have Kinder eggs in the states, we are missing so much good stuff.

Saving the best stuff for the end brings us to this awesome Playmobil devil.  

The note my Great Pumpkin included said he was originally purchased in Germany eight or nine years ago.  He arrived sealed, but I couldn't leave him in the box.  I will save the package for it's uniqueness to my collection, but this little devil will take his place on a shelf amid the randomness.

Finally, I come to these.  Original art.  I have to be honest, I'm not sure who was zombified in the illustration on the left, but I definitely recognize Buzz Lightyear.  Clearly he's done something terrible to Woody.

I am very impressed with variety of undead I got in box of spookiness, I hope the recipient of the package I sent had as much fun. 

Thanks again to both my Great Pumpkin and to Dex at AEIOU . . . and Sometimes Why for administering the exchange, I'm sure it was no easy task.


  1. Great stuff! Fluxx is a great game, especially when you add people.

    Isn't that Devil great? I know he's a trick or treater dressed up but how cool is it that they made a Devil in a kids line of toys?

    The left art is characters from the 80s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Specifically (l to r) Diana, Dungeonmaster and Eric. And even if I didn't already know who your Great Pumpkin was, that art is a dead giveaway!

    1. We were just discussing how we're looking forwards to playing again with more folks.
      The Devil is excellent! Those crazy Germans.
      Dungeons and Dragons would have been my guess, I was barely aware of it growing up.
      The art is super and I've rolled the artist blog into my blog reading list.

  2. That is awesome. Nice swag you got Ron.

  3. What an excellent G.P. Package!!! I am so impressed with what everyone's gotten so far! I hope everyone involved in this year's exchange had this much fun!

  4. Some awesome stuff Ron congrats!

  5. FYI the little blue skeleton guy is a miniature vending machine knockoff version of a fairly obscure toy line called "Bone Brigade" or sometimes "Ghost Battalion". They're pretty cool, I had a set of the skeleton astronauts from the larger line once.

    1. That sounds awesome, thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check it out.