Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Countdown: HexBug Mutant Zombie

This was a total impulse buy and a super pleasant surprise.  I've seen these things around for a few years but never pulled the trigger.  Then I saw this orange and black glow in the dark beauty and there was no question I would soon be separated from my $5.

Everything about this is Halloween. The package art and the description "Mutant Zombie Motorized Bug Straight From the Grave" are spot on.  Nine year old Ron would have lost his mind over this thing.

The coffin has nice little rests for the bug to sit in, holding him nicely in the position you see.  Very secure and solid feeling.  

Time to get him outta that coffin.  This is my first HexBug, and I'm surprised by the rubberyness of the legs.  It really feels kinda buggy.

In motion the random, vibrating movement is very insect like.  I am amazed by how much fun this simple little thing is.

Then the lights go off, this thing is pretty creepy.

Even more so in motion.

I'd love to see an army of these unleashed in a dark room.  The random movements are very bug like and a bunch of them bumping into one another would create excellent Halloween ambiance.


  1. I love off the wall rack toys like this!

  2. This was hiding in the checkout aisle. I wasn't even making any other purchase, saw it on the way out and had to bit.