Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Countdown Day 7: What's in the bag?

Hey gang, so ummm, yea . . .   day 6 didn't happen.

I thought we got the weekend off from the countdown?

I was trying to build extra suspense for my Friday cliffhanger?

The bags released some sort off gas that put me in a 48 hour coma?

Whatever the reason, let's get this countdown back on track.

When I bought these, I had visions of tiny plastic Frankensteins and Wolfmen, the reality:

Dumpy dumpy

First the candy, mmmm 40 year old "Sourlets", that coma scenario may not have been that far off.

These aren't the monsters I had in mind. Still menacing though.

This must be the "Super Toy"

One emergency vehicle "Super Toy" in each bag.  I guess someone's gotta clean up after the dinosaur attacks.

These guys are pretty menacing.

Overall, not the monsters I imagined, but still a pretty fun haul.


  1. Actually quite wonderful Ron a real time capsule into the Halloween past. I love this.

  2. You could make one heck of a stop motion B movie with those dinosaurs and cars!

    Oh, and don't eat that candy. Seriously.

  3. Ha, that's awesome! Those cars are sweet!

    I, uh... are you going to finish those candies?

    1. No thanks, I'm cutting back on sweets. You are more than welcome to them.