Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Countdown Day 5: Horror Monsters Grab Bags

I recently got me one of those fancy new smart phones for the first time.  I find myself monkeying with it while watching Toy Hunter. I'm having fun, getting and learning new apps when Toy Hunter inspired me to download the eBay app and before I knew it this was staring at me.

Wow! Sealed vintage monsters grab bags!  Look at that artwork, I had to see what was in those bags, they must be filled with vintage monster goodness.  Two monsters, a super toy AND candy! How could I go wrong, the price was right, I bought two. 

They arrived super fast, and before I even open them, I am thrilled with my purchase.  They are amazing, the colors, the illustrations, the feel of the paper.  These make me sad Grab Zags didn't get the Halloween bags out this year.

Tomorrow I'll open 'em up!