Friday, August 10, 2012

Star Wars Celebration Goodies

I haven't been a super avid Star Wars collector lately.  There has been sooo much new product since the prequels, I got burned out. I even stopped buying new figures from Hasbro. I may pick up the odd vintage item here or there and that's about it.  I'm fairly resigned to not buy any new Star Wars stuff.

Then along comes Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.  I'm not in any position to attend, but will follow along online, watching for some kind of announcement about a new Star Wars project. Maybe some news on that live action TV show we were promised about a decade ago

Anyways, the Star Wars Celebration website has a sneak preview of some of the merchandise to be had, and some of it is pretty nifty.  So despite having resigned myself to no new Star Wars stuff, here are a few items I may watch for online.

These salt and pepper shakers are sharp looking and well done, I would only put them out for special occasions and holidays.

On one of my first trips to Walt Disney World I scored a bunch of postcards, recreating the destination posters found in the queue.  These magnets remind me of those, I'd love to use them to affix the aforementioned postcards to my fridge.

I'm also a sucker for Tiki stuff, so I may watch for something featuring one or two of these illustrations.  I really dig Vaders helmet as an Easter Island style tiki.

These magnets of the classic action figure case lids are killing me with their awesomeness.

Finally, not featured at the Star Wars website preview, but equally cool is this gem from Disney Parks. A set of die cast Starspeeders from Star Tours (both original and recently re-imagined) commemorating its 25th anniversary .  I am a sucker for any Disney Park ride merchandise.

I'm sure we'll see more before the event officially kicks off.  Anybody out there heading to Orlando in a couple weeks?

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  1. Those magnets of the old action figure cases are just too awesome! I actually saw one of the actual cases recently at a flea market event and while not a Star Wars collector almost bought it because on how great of shape it was in but passed because of price.