Sunday, July 1, 2012

Disney Racers

Yesterday I wrote about the Kermit the Frog Disney Racer.  I haven't picked up many of these, a few here and there.

The line has evolved, having started out as Disney Wild Racers.  The Wild Racers were available outside of the parks, at your local Target, Toys R Us, etc.

When the line became a theme park exclusive, they toned it down, made it less extreme and the "Wild" was dropped from the name and they simply became Disney Racers.

I grabbed these two because they were park specific, I eat that stuff up.

There have been a crap load of these, for a ton of different cartoon and movie characters.  I remember seeing different Pixar movie characters, Nightmare Before Christmas cars and others in addition to the classic Disney characters.

The line has reached beyond Disney properties too.  I guess Star Tours and the Star Wars days were enough of a reason to drop Star Wars icons into the line.

There may have been an Indiana Jones Racer too, I'm too lazy too look it up right now.

That brings us back around to Kermit, who needs some friends. Looking at the scope of the line, I'm sure hoping we'll see more Muppet racers down the road.

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  1. These are neat i really like those Star Wars ones.