Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Batman Week - Wishlist

We heard from Comic-Con that Mattel is going to be making  Batman 1966 TV series style action figures. THis is awesome news, although I have a bad feeling it'll be an expensive Matty Collector nightmare.  Regardless, I'll be adding some to my collection when they come out in 2014 (2014?!?! is that right)

Let's see, I'll need a Batman, Robin, Joker, Penguin and Riddler, those are no-brainers.

Even though I am not super well versed in the show, I'm familiar enough to know I also want figures of the crazier more out there villains.

Like Victor Buono as King Tut

or Vincent Price as Egghead

What's the feeling on this? Any big time Adam West Batman fans with a wishlist out there?

Who knows, if this does well, maybe they’ll revisit some other Batman properties and I’ll get my Danny DeVito Penguin


  1. Heck yes on King Tut and Egghead! And maybe False Face and Killer Moth. It would be fun to see the TV versions of these Bat Baddies too.

  2. I would also love a Julie Newmar Catwoman, an Otto Premiger Mr. Freeze (Wild!) as well as Alred and Aunt Harriet.

  3. I will be picking them all up when they come out. I am starting to save up now.