Sunday, July 22, 2012

Batman Week - Finale

Each year, as part of one of my favorite local festivals, Canal Fest, there's a "down & dirty" boat building competition.

After walking the festival's craft show and midway, I settled in with my girlfriend and her folks to enjoy some snacks and watch the chaos. The competitors built their boats earlier in the week with limited resources and time.  The result being some ships are more seaworthy than others, adding to the resulting insanity.

The Dark Knight and Boy wonder were the fan favorites and their sturdy Batboat went on to win the heat.

After the official races, there's a a free-for-all, demolition derby.  As the final challenge started, my money was on the Dynamic Duo.

Unfortunately, it was not to be this day for Gotham's protectors.  Robin even had the foresight to leave a parting exclamation to been seen on the hull of their ship as the wreckage of the Batboat sank.

Perhaps next year ol' chum.

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