Monday, July 16, 2012

Batman Week - Batman Returns

 I liked the 1989 Batman, it was ok.  I could have lived without Prince, but it was an OK movie.  Then we got the sequel; Batman Returns.

I was out of my head for this movie.  I really dug the type casting of DeVito as the Penguin. Michelle Peifer as Catwoman.  Christopher Walken!  That movie is awesome!  The whole thing just oozes Tim Burton.  I used to be a huge Tim Burton fan (before he became the guy who re-imagines everything)

A quick search through the random stuff and I don't have any action figures though.  How is that possible? I love that movie, I must have something other than this Topps souvenir magazine.

Mmm, let's see . . .
I'll take a quick look at eBay.  Oh great, I found it! A perfect spot on Batman Returns Danny DeVito Penguin, I'll bid now.

from eBay

What the what!?!? This looks nothing like DeVito, it's a Super-Powers re-paint.
Was the action figure scene really that poor back in the day?  Do McDonalds premiums have to fill that collection hole?  (Which after seeing them, I may have to get anyways).

Can anyone provide some insight on the lack of good Batman Returns figures?

Where's my mainstream, mass-produced Danny DeVito Penguin?


  1. Its strange I really thought they had made a somewhat movie correct Penguin figure for that movie but I guess I was remembering the animated series Penguin instead.I do like the catwoman the returns toys tho.

  2. Yup, the closest you will get in this scale (ironically enough) is the Batman Animated Penguin. Kenner felt that the DeVito Penguin (and the whole movie vibe for that matter) was too scary for kids. Hence the Schumacher reboot.

    Catwoman is a good figure though. I agree with Brothermidnight.

    You can find DeVito Penguins in Ertl's mini metal figurine series, and Applause made larger scale vinyl ones. But in this scale/action figure series it never happened.