Friday, April 13, 2012

Grab Zags Avengers

I recently grabbed five packs of the original Marvel Grab Zags.  I got one mini figure and four pens.  The pens are very cool and I was all set to post on them until I found these last night.

For only $1.99 the quality here is stellar. These figure look great, I've seen shoddier quality in blind box figures costing at least twice as much.

As pointed out by other folks each figure comes with a stand, which is really well executed and necessary because of the dynamic poses these guys are sculpted in.

The little insert says to be on the lookout for the "rare" Captain America, I found him.

I'm going to grab more soon, I really want to complete the roster.

I'll also be watching the stores for the Halloween ones come fall.


  1. I went to our local Walgreens but no dice on these yet but i did grab another SLUG Zombie on my way out. : )

  2. Very nice! I want to grab a few bags this weekend. I've seen the Spidey and Green Goblin and they look sweet.