Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green Goblin Surprise

So while out this past weekend I stumbled across The Mega Bloks blind packed Marvel figures. At only $2.50 a pop, I grabbed two. I don't know too much about these guys, and wasn't expecting much.

My luck, I got two of the same figure, but it is an awesome figure.

Green Goblin has been one of my favorite Spidey villans since I was watching Spider-Man and his Amazing friends as a wee nerd on Saturday mornings so I was thrilled with my purchase, despite the double.

I am super impressed with the quality and detail on him. His head sculpt is sweet. My only complaint is that he can't stand while on his glider. A problem I remedied with an old Lego piece.

If I ever come across these again I will definatley grab a few more.

(Sorry for the crappiness of the picture, but I'm still working from my cell camera.)

1 comment:

  1. Sweet deal Ron! I have this one too and its great and a rarer one to find they say and you nabbed two which is just awesome. : )