Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My first MOTUC

At about $30 a pop after shipping, I can't afford too many of these. I'd like to get my hands on a few key characters some day. For now though, this guy will have to be content hanging with these guys.

He-Man 200x, Vikor, vintage He-Man and Thundarr I-Men

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Tron Legacy will be out on DVD soon. I really liked the original and the new one was fun. The original more for nostalgia's sake. When I was a kid I wanted to hang out at an arcade like Flynns. Sadly all I had was the one relegated to the far end of the less traveled wing of the mall. Before the new movie opened, I followed all the comic-con stuff and viral marketing a little bit, and also took a look at the official site. While there I entered the obligatory promotional sweepstakes. I had all but forgotten about it until I got an email last month. I was selected as a winner. Cool, I assumed I'd won a poster or a copy of the video game. I don't even own a current game system right now so I wasn't too excited. I read through the prizes I had won. An X-Box 360, a copy of the movie game, a Tron controller, Tron skin, blah, blah, etc., etc., Awesome! An X-Box, sweet. I cut to the end of the prize list, "total value of prize $3500" WHAT!?!?!? Why so much?
$3500, let me read that again. Oh, wait, here's the part I missed . . .

"Classic Tron Arcade Game (ARV: $3,000)"

It was delivered on Monday, a restored, vintage Tron arcade machine. I have the keys, acess to the quarter bucket and the free play button. It has a few minor cosmetic flaws, but it is awesome. A childhood dream come true, I own a full size upright arcade machine.

It is very surreal to come home to this:

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I picked up a few packs of these on a whim last month. I like the idea of blind packed figures, these are kind of underwhelming though.

They're kinda like Crazy Bones, are made by Topps and come three to a pack with a matching sticker.

I looked for more info online, but Topps doesn't even mention them on their official site.

These got me thinking of how much fun a licensed line could be.

Think Marvels Handful of Heroes only more stylized and sold blind packed. Or The Simpsons, now that would be awesome. Tiny little Simpsons figures sold blind packed would be killer. Just sayin'.