Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lego Mini Figures Series 3, the rest

I want to finish up with these Legos so I can move onto something vintage from my collection, so here are the contents of the last three Mini Fig packages.

The third one I opened was another mummy. Sucks to get a double, but at least it's a double of one I wanted.
The fourth is a bit of a disappointment, the baseball player, meh. Not a big sports fan, but that bat may prove to be a useful weapon some day.
The fifth and last was a bit of a surprise. I didn't pay attention to the line up that closely because I completely misunderstood what this was. I assumed it was just a laser gun toting astronaut, I was wrong. It's a freakin' cyborg. His robot limbs and face indicate he's clearly the Terminator of the Lego Mini Fig world. Very nice.
I think I lucked out and overall got a good group of figures on this outing.

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