Monday, January 31, 2011

Theme Park Characters

I've been meaning to take pictures of this set for quite awhile. I picked it up while on vacation last year after seeing some of the figures on Flickr.

This is a great set, with characters unique to both parks.

Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion have lots of merch of there own so I didn't really pick this up for those two.

Plus having one of the Hitchhiking Ghosts makes me feel like the other two are missing.

The Small World figure would have been better if it looked more Mary Blair-ish, something is a bit off.

I'm surprised they commited to the Matterhorn Abominable Snowman rather than use a non-labeled hybrid monster that they could also pass off as the Yeti from Expedition Everest. Surprised but pleased.

Big Al from Country Bear Jamboree is awesome. I love this show, want figures of the whole cast.

The Tiki Room is also awesome and probably my favorite in the set. The tiki backdrop makes this little PVC figure feel more like a diorama.

Wish they made more stuff like this, for that matter, wish they'd create more original characters and stories for the parks.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Please excuse the pealing decals and the dust, but this baby is straight outta my childhood. Hondo MacLean and his truck Firecracker fought alongside Optimus, some Go-Bots and some random Robo-Force guy. I had only one other M.A.S.K. vehicle in my fleet, a mortorcycle that’s long gone. I don't recall ever wanting this, my folks probably grabbed it on clearance, but it was a lot of fun.

The chrome is missing in places, but the action feature still works like a champ. I just slide the little black button on the wheel well, and Hondo is ready for battle.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lego Mini Figures Series 3, the rest

I want to finish up with these Legos so I can move onto something vintage from my collection, so here are the contents of the last three Mini Fig packages.

The third one I opened was another mummy. Sucks to get a double, but at least it's a double of one I wanted.
The fourth is a bit of a disappointment, the baseball player, meh. Not a big sports fan, but that bat may prove to be a useful weapon some day.
The fifth and last was a bit of a surprise. I didn't pay attention to the line up that closely because I completely misunderstood what this was. I assumed it was just a laser gun toting astronaut, I was wrong. It's a freakin' cyborg. His robot limbs and face indicate he's clearly the Terminator of the Lego Mini Fig world. Very nice.
I think I lucked out and overall got a good group of figures on this outing.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lego Mini Figures Series 3, 2nd Pack

My luck is holding out. Even if all three of the last packs I've yet to open end up being the tennis player, I'm happy.

Lego Mini Fig Series 3 Mummy

It's a mummy and it comes with a scorpion, sweet. Just need the series 2 vampire and the series 4 monster and I'll have a nice classic ghoul set.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lego Mini Figures Series 3

I arrived home from work last night to find a small package waiting from Toys R Us. The Lego minifigures series 3 recently became available so I ordered up 5 packs. I was lucky enough to score a few of series one and completely missed series two. I wish these would show up at more brick and mortar stores. I can imagine them either stocked along side the trading cards or as an impulse item in the checkout lane. Since that's not the case, I'll have to rely on the internet.

I ordered five packs from Toys R Us. I opened the padded envelope they arrived in and after looking them over, I don't see a bar code, so no way to cheat this time around.

Checking out the pics online, my favorites in this series are the fisherman, the spaceman, the mummy and the gorilla.

I open up my first pack and who do I find . . . the gorilla, awesome.

But wait, that's no gorilla, it's a Lego man in a gorilla suit, how f'ing cool.

Look, he's all sweaty from being in there, and apparently not to happy about his lot in life, poor fella.

His mask even has eye holes.

The banana could easily be mistaken for a banana Runt candy.

These things are allot of fun. I haven't even opened up the other four yet but already I'm happy about this purchase. So psyched to get the gorilla first off. I'll reveal the rest later this week.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Want: Marvel Vending Capsule Toys

I first saw these vending machine figures over at Dan's Toy Museum.

The head is the capsule and the body is inside, brilliant.
I will be scrutinizing store lobbies for a machine this weekend.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011, alright, here we go

After a few weeks of thinking about what I want to achieve this year collection-wise, I have come up with a loosely put together list of items I really want. I want more of the Lego Mini Figures for sure. Some figures I've seen as part of the new POP! line from Funko are must haves. Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, The Muppets and other nerdcentric movies comming out this year will provide lots of fun action figures and protional stuff for me to covet (I'm really hoping for a ton of Muppet goodness). For the most part though, I'm happy plotting along without to much direction. I'm sure I'll add tons to my collection this year that I've never heard of, or knew I'd want. Who knows what'll pop up?

Now the tough half, organization. My toy room is a mess right now. The items on shelves are falling over, and every bin and drawer is packed randomly with no thought. I can't find anything. Before the year is over, I want to know what I have and where it is. If it's not on display, I want it in a neatly labled bin with like items.

Yea . . . well, that may be a pipe dream, but at least I'll add some cool pieces to my collection.