Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I better put something here.

This past weekend I had a few minutes of free time, caught up with some of my favorite toy blogs and came across Eclectorama's Collecting Achievements and Goals.

Good idea, I said to myself, I should do something like that too.

Then I was looking at the list on the right and I saw this very page listed among his blog links.

Crap! There’s nothing here. People are being referred to an empty page. Well, no more! Time to fill this space.

I've tried two or three times to get this thing going, obviously with no success.

It’s almost the new year, time to use this page for more than a place to pimp my flickr photo stream.

A new year is a fresh start, maybe I can do some kind of cool daily thing. A post for every day. I dig Toy A Day, and then there are those folks who take a picture every day and edit them into some kinda cool time lapse thing. Maybe something like that?

Nope, I have to be realistic, ain't gonna happen. I'll be lucky to keep up with something weekly.

So I'm going to thieve Eclectorama's idea and post my goals for 2011. Then, hopefully share my acquisitions here.

Aside from acquiring new stuff, I really need to get what I have organized and focused a little bit. So maybe I'll document my progress in that regard too.

These are lofty goals for me, time is at a premium and I'm not very technically savvy, this won't be very pretty , but at least there will be something more too look at here than a blank white page.